Why Do You Need Pain Management Massages

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has reported that a majority of US citizens are suffering from at least one painful condition. It claimed that the percentage of Americans afflicted with some pain condition is greater than the numbers of heart-, diabetes- and cancer patients combined.

Since pain is such a prevalent epidemic in the region, it’s important to seek ways to prevent it from aggravating or manage it better. Chronic or acute pain conditions can have a debilitating impact on your lifestyle. It demands you to tailor your current routine and future goals according to it, and that can make dealing with pain a real pain.

There’s no denying that we need pain management solutions. And massage therapy offers a promising relief from constant pain. Here’s why you need it.

Lower Back Pain

Research shows that massage therapy can prove greatly beneficial for lower back pain. Since it’s one of the most common ailments in the US, the American population is in dire need of a potent solution. Massages reduce the intensity of pain, help reduce disabling pain and manage the anxiety resulting from it.


Fibromyalgia can’t be treated with OTC medicines; patients need an integrative treatment plan to manage this condition. Massage therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment option for fibromyalgia. Since it can cause stiffness, severe pain, fatigue and take over your life, you need massage therapy to manage the pain that comes with the condition.

Post-op Pain

Post-op patients are usually in a very critical condition, where they need complete attention and care to recover fully. However, the pain resulting from surgery can prolong the time it takes to heal completely. Recent studies have revealed that pain management massage therapy can curb the intensity of post-op pain.

Stress Headaches

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke states that tension headaches are the most commonly occurring types of headaches. Pain management massages have also improved the condition of patients by reducing perceived pain as well as the duration and frequency of headaches.


Patients dealing with osteoarthritis of the knee have shown remarkable improvement after getting regular massage sessions. This confirms that pain management therapy can definitely reduce pain, which makes living with such conditions bearable. There’s also evidence for massage therapy helping patients experiencing rheumatoid arthritis as it assists in normal living with a disabling pain condition.

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