Tips on How to Prepare for Your Couples Massage Therapy Session

Have you and your partner been too busy to spend time with each other lately? If you miss each other’s company, take out a few hours this week from your busy schedule and give yourself a break!

Sync your calendar with your partner’s so you can pick a day that suits both of you and book a romantic couple’s massage!

If you’re wondering how to prepare for one, here are a few tips and tricks that can help you out.

Shower and clean

During a couple’s massage, a professional massage therapist will be kneading and undoing knots on several pressure points that may be present, and you don’t want any dirt or grime to get in the way of that.

Whether you’ve just gotten back from the gym or spent the whole day in bed, it’s important to shower before your massage so you can maximize any pleasure derived from it. This will also ensure that any oils and lotions get absorbed in your skin much more effectively.

Clear your post-massage schedule

One of the hallmarks of a great massage is when you’re lying on a comfortable massage table with a range of aromatic oils helping to ease the knots in your back. If you want to make the most out of this blissful coma, make sure that you don’t have any hectic activities planned for the rest of the evening.

This way you and your partner can truly de-stress, and spend a relaxing evening in each other’s company.

Go easy on the food

While your stomach isn’t the focal point of a massage—unless you request it—light nourishment before the massage therapy is advised.

This is to ensure that any digestion or abdominal issues don’t get in the way of the massage and its efficiency. So, if you were planning on eating a 16-ounce rib-eye before the massage, opt for a light and healthy salad instead.

Don’t go overboard with wine

Were you planning on breaking out a bottle of wine to start the evening, right? Any intoxication before the treatment will prevent you from experiencing the effects of the relaxing shoulder rub and the muscle kneading.

Some massages include some light alcohol, but that’s done in a specific way to complement the overall experience of the therapy itself.

Do you think ready for the ultimate couple’s massage with your partner? Get ready for a relaxing massage therapy session in Fayetteville, NC!

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