Should I Seek Help from a Chiropractor or a Massage Therapist?

Chiropractic and massage therapy couldn’t be more different from each other. And yet, patients repeatedly fall into the trap of mistaking them for each other.

Moreover, patients suffering from body aches and pain tend to undermine their conditions, but this worsens with each passing day.

While it’s easier to take a painkiller and assume that muscle spasm will lessen on its own, you might be missing out on the incredible benefits that an experienced professional can give you.

So who should you go to for that recurring body pain? Read on to find out:

Massage therapy

Massage Therapist

It’s increasingly common to pull a muscle while working out or experience upper back tension from a lack of sleep or too much time on the computer. Mild to moderate body aches that you just started experiencing can be managed easily with the help of massage therapy.

Therapeutic massage is specifically designed to help you relieve muscle tension. It works to stop muscle spasms and decrease scar tissues.

As a result, it reduces soreness, and most of the time, your therapist will effectively bring the pain down to a manageable level before they even start the massage therapy.

Massages can also be used in conjunction with other treatments and are very effective once the severe pain has been reduced.

chiropractic treatment


If you’ve been experiencing a painful condition that gives you searing pain and hurts when you move, you should schedule a visit with the chiropractor immediately.

In such a case, a massage may not be as effective. Repetitive muscle tension is a symptom of much bigger issues like osteoarthritis, disc bulges, or old injuries.

Your chiropractor is trained to find out the cause of any sharp pain. They will conduct a physical exam to assess the cause, severity, and treatment options available for the condition.

Moreover, they can tell you if your pain requires chiropractic care or massage therapy. Understanding what caused a particular muscle to ache will also help you prevent a similar situation from happening again.

With all kinds of conditions, it’s essential to start the therapy off at a manageable level since some areas of the body may not be able to handle any more pressure.

Start slowly and work to avoid inflammation and irritation, and you should be good to go. It can be beneficial to include pain minimizing techniques with any chiropractic treatment before adding therapeutic massage to the treatment plan.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably experiencing some sort of bodily pains too. If the condition is new, book an appointment with our experienced massage therapists to discover relaxing massage therapy options for pain management in Fayetteville, NC.

At Eden Massage, our restorative massage therapists await you. Book your consultation now!

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