Restore Hormonal Balance With A Massage

Hormone fluctuations are very problematic for both your physical and mental health. Everything from your weight, mood, and food cravings—even sex drive—is impacted by your hormones.

Some healthy people can go about life without ever worrying about their hormonal health, while others have to take medications and get therapy to restore balance. Although hormonal imbalance is mostly a concern for women, it can affect men too.

Massage therapy offers many benefits, one of them being neurohormone regulation. These are produced by the nervous system and impact your wellbeing and behavior. New studies have found that regular massage therapy can improve mood by restoring your body’s hormonal balance, so it attains homeostasis.

Another study carried out by the University of Miami found that the massages also boost levels of neurohormones in the brain.

Let’s take a closer look at how massages can help with hormone balance:

Elevate Dopamine Levels

Massages increase the release of dopamine. With high levels of dopamine in the body, we’re more intuitive and more likely to feel inspired, enthusiastic, and joyful.

Low levels of dopamine in the body make it difficult for us to focus on the simplest of tasks, leading to clumsiness and making us prone to depression.

Increase of Serotonin

Serotonin is one of the most important neurohormones in our body; it has a direct impact on our emotions. Healthy levels of serotonin can quell cravings for food and sex, and improve mood.

People with low serotonin levels often have sleep disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and are susceptible to depression.

Regulate Adrenaline Levels

Deep, long, and slow massages can alleviate stress and relax the body and mind. In fact, you may feel the urge to sleep after getting a good massage because it’s so relaxing.

Increase Levels of Oxytocin

Getting a massage during pregnancy, close to birthing, and during lactation can induce feelings of attachment with the baby due to heightened levels of oxytocin.

Reduced Levels of Cortisol

Excess levels of cortisol in the body can weaken our immune system and cause unnecessary inflammation. Massages help reduce cortisol levels and promote healing, regeneration, and tissue repair.

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