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Do you feel the need to relax and release all the stress that you have?

Eden Massage is based on the holistic approach of massage therapy using traditional Chinese medicine beliefs, this is the heart of Asian Massage Fayetteville NC. The company excels in Swedish, deep tissue, Shiatsu, Sports and Asian. We utilize life energy with our massages using Qi Gong and Reiki and understanding the human nerves through reflexology to achieve that relaxing state of our massages.


Now a day’s, qi gong massage is being done in a modernized way by using technology oriented appliances and subsequent massage techniques that are much similar to that of acupressure. This massage basically targets on the strain points to boost the overall gush of the energy forces that lie within the human body. According to the Asian people, the belief system behind the therapy is that the energy forces can be regenerated from human body and is the foremost apparatus for having a hale and hearty body. Asian Massage Fayetteville NC is considered best for conducting the Qi gong acupressure therapy because it is performed by using ancient martial arts along with the addition of the traditional Chinese medicinal theories.

Stress is the most common problem of people these days. We live in a world where speed and haste is the name of the game and to cope up with this kind of pace. However, keeping up with this kind of lifestyle also takes a toll on our physical and emotional well-being. We accumulate body pains because of stress and work. This is normal. Its not normal is how some people tend to ignore these kinds of physical and emotional pain. These things can build up and lead to something worse. We all deserve peace and quiet and rest and recreation to rekindle that youthful vibe inherent in all of us.

If you’re looking for the one of the best licensed Asian massage therapist for massages based on Traditional Chinese medicine Asian Massage Fayetteville NC and other therapeutic needs, there’s only one company to contact and that is Eden Massage! Eden Massage Fayetteville NC provides some of the best quality service to its clients, from massages based on traditional Chinese medicine principles, sports therapies, Asian massage Fayetteville NC and other therapeutic activities that will surely rekindle that youthful vibe in you!

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Why us?

Eden massage is focused on you, we believe in the holistic total of your well being. Asian Massage Therapist techniques that were started in China many years ago are our foundations. Reflexology, Qi Gong, Reiki, Shiatsu and other traditions are practiced here.

All of our massages are provided by North Carolina Licensed massage and bodywork therapists.