It’s Time to Relax Together—8 Reasons to Get a Couples Massage

Though you’ve probably heard of couples massages before on TV shows, they’re truly are a beneficial wellness experience. Believe it or not, couples massages are among the most popular ways to relax. In fact, spas routinely offer these massages due to their long list of benefits.

These massage therapy services are especially popular around Valentine’s Day and other holidays. If you’re single and just rolled your eyes, you don’t have to get a couples massage with a romantic partner. You can also benefit from couples massages with a friend or even a sibling!

But unless you’re a massage pro, you might not know what a couples massage is or its benefits. Read this blog to find out why you should frequently get couples massages.

What Is a Couples Massage?

If you’ve ever seen or heard of regular individual massages, you can imagine what couples’ massages are like.

To put it simply, couples massages are for two people who want to indulge in massage therapy at the same time. These massages consist of you and your partner (or a friend!) enjoying individual massages on separate beds but together and at the same time.

Additionally, both you and your partner get your own individual massage therapists for the session.

Here are some reasons to book a couples massage today.

Couples Massages Are For Everyone

Couples massages feature soothing music, candles, and aromatherapy. Though most people who book couples massages are romantic partners, anyone can benefit from them. So, you can get couples massages whether you’re dating, married, engaged, or even just best friends with the other person.

a person getting a luxurious massage therapy

Make for a Great Gift idea

Couples massages are popular as gifts for loved ones. That’s because they enable you to pamper your loved one while spending quality time together. This is what sets couples massages apart from other gifts.

Quality Time with Your Romantic Partner

Most people want to spend quality time with their romantic partners for various reasons. These can include wanting to rekindle the spark of love or to get to know each other better. Unfortunately, most of us don’t get a lot of time to spend with our partners due to daily distractions.

Sure, going to the movies, or having dinner together are great date ideas. But this might not give you the most romantic and relaxing atmosphere to bond. Additionally, you can also be tempted to check your social media or emails while on your dinner dates.

So what makes couples massages stand out?

One of the biggest benefits of couples massages is that they enable you to bond with your partner in the right atmosphere. That’s because your body produces oxytocin (also known as the cuddle chemical or love hormone) when you get a good massage.

a person getting their feet massaged

As a result, it creates a sense of affection and adoration between you and your partner because love is literally in the air!

You Share a New Experience

You can go to as many restaurants and eateries in your area before your dates start getting repetitive. Picking a date night at home for relaxation can also turn boring after a while. This leaves you with just a few options to mix things up. So, why not enjoy a new experience together?

Trying something new and sharing an experience is vital for relationships to flourish. In fact, trying new things can bring a sense of excitement and adventure into your relationship.

Couples massage sessions are a fantastic way to grow together and learn new things about your partner. After all, what better experience to rekindle your relationship’s lost spark than one that promotes intimacy and relaxation?

Re-Connect and Reset Your Emotions

It’s not out of the ordinary to feel disconnected from your partner. After all, with daily life issues, you already have so many things on your plate to stress about. Date nights should help you leave your daily stressors behind and concentrate on connecting with your partner. However, it’s unlikely that you forget about work or deadlines during these dates. This often ruins the mood and might even cause your partner to drfit away from you.

In comparison, a couples massage relaxes your body and mind. It allows you to feel fresh and positive and as a result, you feel more connected with your partner than before.

a person getting a back massage

Reduce Feelings of Stress and Anxiety

If you’re experiencing shortness of breath, insomnia, irritability, or headaches, you might be feeling symptoms of stress and anxiety. These wreck havoc on your body and impact your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

In fact, unchecked stress can lead to many health problems, like high blood pressure and heart disease.

Couples massages are extremely beneficial in alleviating stress or anxiousness. This is because massages relieve feelings of stress and anxiousness by lowering your heart rate. They also boost the production of feel-good hormones and induce relaxation within your body.

Be Present in the Moment

Unfortunately, most couples fall victim to focusing on past memories and future uncertainties. These often ruin dinner dates as they hinder your ability to stay present at the moment and enjoy spending time with your partner.

However, with a couples massage, you feel more present in the moment. Aromatherapy and other therapeutic procedures help bring you to the present instead of dwelling on the negative emotions. This way, you feel more present and enjoy what you have with your partner.

After your massage, you’ll be able to talk about this exceptional experience with your partner and enjoy each other’s company.

a person getting massage therapy

Getting couples massage therapy every once in a while with your partner can be beneficial for your relationship and your overall health. It would also promote your emotional health and your bond.

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