How Does Deep Tissue Massage Work

You must have heard a lot about deep massage therapy without really knowing what all the fuss is about. Here’s a quick guide about what deep tissue massage is and does for your body!

What It Really Is

This massage technique caters to musculoskeletal issues that are unreachable otherwise. This includes strains and sports injuries that may have been sustained during matches or sports practice.

The procedure involves slow and sustained kneading of target areas by applying pressure through deep, steady strokes. This way, the therapist is able to reach the deepest layers of your muscles and connective tissues and eases our hidden tension from those regions.

This is particularly effective in treating scar tissues that form in the wake of a muscle injury. Thereby, deep tissue massages promote healing by reducing inflammation and enhancing the blood flow.

What Happens During It


Once the station is set, you’ll be asked to lie on your stomach or back and the therapist will begin with a slight warm-up. They’ll use a light touch to prepare your muscles for the deeper strokes. They’ll gradually increase their pressure while kneading the affected area, so as not to trigger pain in the injured area all of a sudden.

We feel it’s our duty to answer this frequently asked concern: the level of undress completely depends on your comfort level. However, the therapist will request access to the affected area in order to tackle the pain effectively.

You can also tell the massage therapist if you’d like more or less pressure!

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Unlike regular spa sessions, deep tissue massages offer much more than just an hour of massaging your temples or pressing your limbs. It targets internal injuries that may also be having an impact on your psychological wellbeing. Through this two-pronged approach, the massage technique is able to offer both, physical and psychological benefits.

This technique goes beyond just offering just relaxation. It targets deep-set muscle pain and relieves stiffness that may have resulted in the aftermath of muscle trauma. By paving the way to healthier living, it also helps you unwind mentally and seek peace and relaxation through a healthier body.

A study conducted in 2014 revealed the effects of deep tissue massage on 59 subjects with chronic back conditions. This treatment was reported to have lessened pain and worked like any other anti-inflammatory medicine.

Here are some other conditions that have shown improvement after deep tissue massage treatment:

If you’re ready to slide into your massage mood, we’re ready to offer our best to you!

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