Everything You Should Know About Pressure Points

Acupressure has been used in China for hundreds of years and is one of several Asian healing treatments originating from traditional Chinese medicine. This massage therapy service uses the same philosophies as acupuncture to induce relaxation and well-being. Around 75% of clients are highly satisfied with this treatment. Here’s everything you need to know about acupressure and pressure points.

Certain acupressure points along various channels in your body are defined in traditional Chinese medical philosophy. Many believe that this vital life energy runs through meridians within your body. These channels are also said to connect individual organs, forming a communication system that runs throughout your body. According to this idea, sickness can arise when these channels are blocked or out of balance, and acupressure massage therapy is thought to rebuild this balance.

Acupressure therapists at a massage spa apply force to acupoints using their palms, thumbs, elbows, or knees. They may sometimes use specific instruments to apply the pressure and may also include stretching or other techniques for the best results.

The aim is to restore health and balance to the body’s energy pathways. Acupressure addresses not just the energy fields and body, but also the client’s mind and soul. Some people even believe that an acupressure specialist can transmit life energy to their client.

Most people in America don’t believe in this notion or the existence of meridians. Instead, they ascribe any positive outcomes to other variables such as reduced muscular tension, better circulation, or endorphin activation, which are organic pain relievers.

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Pressure Points

There are hundreds of acupoints or pressure points on the human body. Here are five of the most common ones:

Joining Valley

This pressure point can be found between your thumb and forefinger. It’s generally referred to as the Large Intestine 4 in the US but is called Hegu, meaning joining valley, in Chinese. Applying pressure here can relieve the client of headaches by helping with the large intestine function.

One of the large intestines’ main roles is to collect waste from within the body, extract what it can, and then eliminate the rest. Overall, its function is to create and discard waste. The physiological functions of the organ systems have psychological and emotional variants, according to Chinese Medicine. When waste isn’t disposed of regularly, it accumulates inside the body and penetrates the tissues and organs. This builds tension and the increased pressure can cause headaches and tooth discomfort among other symptoms in the head.

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Yin Intercrossing

Commonly known as spleen 6, this pressure point is about a hand’s width above the inner ankle bone’s tip. A depression in the bone should be felt here. The qi of the spleen, kidney, and liver channels all merge at this acupoint. It aids blood flow, lymphatic flow, and emotional flow.

Leg Three Mile

Walking was the only method to move around in earlier times. Ancient sages realized that stimulating the pressure point known as stomach 36 with their thumbs, stones, burning herbs, or needles gave them the energy to walk an extra three miles, hence the term ‘Leg Three Mile.

This acupoint can treat weariness and poor energy levels. It also aids in gastrointestinal disorders and helps enhance metabolism and digestion. It is the best pressure point for digestive diseases.


Acupressure is known for releasing muscular tension, promoting blood circulation, and enhancing the body’s vitality to facilitate recovery.

Manages Pain

A relaxing massage is an effective pain reliever. When force is exerted on a pressure point, the body responds by freeing blockages in that area, which aids in pain management. Another reason it works is that applying pressure to a similar spot stimulates blood circulation in the area, which helps with pain.

Increases Calm

As acupressure includes activating pressure points on the body, it aids with mental wellbeing. According to Chinese Medicine, unblocking all of your meridians makes you calmer since your body is better able to handle stress. It also results in better sleep.

Reduced Muscle Tension

Acupressure relieves muscle tension by activating the action of neurons that nourish the muscles. It also relaxes the entire body by reducing stress levels, allowing tension to be released.

Help Blood Flow

Acupressure, when used correctly, aids in blood circulation. When pressure is targeted at specific points, it helps activate and open up arteries beneath the skin, allowing more blood to circulate. Improved blood flow aids in the regeneration and optimal performance of practically all organs in the body.

All Natural

Acupressure has been used for generations to treat common conditions such as headaches, sinusitis, and the common cold. The method relieves pain and has been discovered to be particularly effective in treating headaches, lowering your reliance on over-the-counter medications.


A Shiatsu massage is a Japanese acupressure technique. “Shiatsu” is a Japanese word that signifies “finger pressure.” It is a style of therapeutic bodywork in which pressure is applied to the body using the fingers and palm. Pressing, tapping, calming, kneading, stretching, and other methods are used during the process. This technique does not involve any use of massage oils or lotions.

Shiatsu massage therapy is based on a medical therapeutic practice in which therapists apply pressure to the body’s energy paths to control appropriate qi flow. As no oil is used on any region of the body, the client can wear soft cotton clothing during the procedure.

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It’s critical that you only receive acupressure therapy or Shiatsu massage treatments from qualified professionals. Our licensed massage therapists at Eden Massage in Fayetteville, NC, complete intensive training to master various technique. Clients can receive the greatest holistic recovery from skilled and qualified therapists who have years of expertise with massage services, including deep tissue massage and sports massage. Contact us to get started.

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