Since ancient times, deep tissue massage therapy has been used for relaxation and pain relief.

A technique that involves deep, slow strokes, deep tissue therapy allows muscles across the body to release stress and chronic tension. Pressure is applied on the contracted muscles by using fingers, foot heel, hand heel, elbows and the forearm. Usually, this style is a method of Pain Management, focusing on deep structures of the muscle and connective tissues.

The massage therapist will attempt to work on shortened muscles or distorted posture through a series of careful strokes and pressure, carefully applied on the deepest layers of tissue.

This makes the massage highly intense, unlike other light massages that people are used to. You may also experience a slight soreness during or after the therapy but it does not last very long. It is a good idea to drink lots of water to eliminate the toxins released from the body after the massage.

Pain Management through deep tissue massage is designed to the personal needs of different customers. So you must not hesitate in enquiring about the credentials of your therapist. This is a good way to establish trust that you are getting professional care. If it is executed by trained therapist, deep tissue massage is a great way to heal your chronic condition.

Eden Massage Therapy offers the deep tissue massage in addition to other services at our Fayetteville, NC Location.

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