Debunking 5 Common Myths About Massage

A good massage can make you cry tears of joy. It’s like an answered prayer; a miracle just when you gave up faith and this isn’t an exaggeration. You can relate to it if you’ve ever gotten one when you were tired. However, there are many and generally untrue things that we get to hear about the nature and effectiveness of massages. Below are five such myths that we dubunk:

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues and muscles around the body to regulate blood flow and ease muscle tension. It involves the rubbing and kneading of the skin and body. Different massages target different organs and achieve various results through tactical movements.

Myth 1- All Types of Massages Are Alike

A common myth is that all massages are alike and involve manipulating muscles and easing tension. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.



In reality, massage therapy is a specialized practice that requires skill and training. Masseurs are skilled professionals who are trained to deal with the body with technical sensitivity. The following are a few types of massage which involve different techniques, styles and target various pressure points.

  1. Swedish Massage
  2. Deep Tissue Massage
  3. Sports Massage


Myth 2- Massage Is Just For Pampering

Many people remark that a massage is a temporary fix and is just a form of pampering oneself. They claim it has little real value and few lasting benefits.


In reality, scientific research has shown several lasting health benefits of massage. It improves blood flow, reduces stress, and prevents injuries. It improves digestive and respiratory health and reduces the appearance of spots and blemishes on skin.

woman receiving massage

Myth 3- Your Therapist Knows Better

It is important to remember that while the masseur is the one in the spotlight, a massage is meant to relieve you.


You can and should guide your masseur if you’re uncomfortable or feeling uneasy.

Myth 4- A Good Massage Will Leave You Sore

Another common belief is that you’re always supposed to feel sore for the massage to be effective.


While some kinds of massage, such as deep tissue massage, cause a minor soreness, most massages will not cause soreness.

Myth 5- Massage Is An Outdated Therapy

Some people see massage as an ancient form of healing. They compare massage to other forms of relief, such as with pain medicine. They claim that the technique is basic and ancient.


The truth is that massage is centuries old, but massage techniques have only improved with more scientific research and insights about the human body.

Massage therapy is an effective healing technique. Eden Massage offers a variety of massage techniques, including deep tissue massage and sports massage in Fayetteville, NC. Connect with us to book your session today!

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