As more and more couples try to find new ways to revive their connection, Fayetteville NC Couples Massage spas are gaining a lot of popularity. The clients are given a massage simultaneously by two massage therapists in special couple rooms.

Eden massage Fayetteville NC offers a wide range of styles. The physical benefits of massages are combined with a relaxing ambience. You can opt for deep tissue massage or the trendy Swedish style massage. Irrespective of the selected massage, couple massage is a wonderful, shared experience for people who want to rejuvenate and reconnect with each other.

Recent studies have indicated that massage enhances the “feel good chemicals” like dopamine and serotonin in the body along with a healing effect. This can help in slowing the heart rate, controlling blood pressure, mood elevation and stress removal. Mood swings and PMS can also be reduced with regular massages.

If you are looking for “time out” with your loved ones, Fayetteville NC Eden spa is the perfect venue. Many couples book a massage session for celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. Day spas ensure that the background music and amenities suit the mood of the couple, making their experience romantic and memorable.

Not only couples but even mothers and daughters, or a pair of friends can enjoy couple massages. It is a great way to spend time together, away from the distractions of regular life. Both individuals can receive massage at the same time in adjoining or same room. Often, this allows people who are apprehensive of getting a massage individually in getting comfortable with the concept.

Along with the traditional methods of couple massage, Fayetteville NC spas provide additional services like acupuncture, mud treatment, kneading of muscles, etc. Both men and women can specify the body parts that require attention during the massage. A stressful routine at work or home can take a toll on your health. Inevitably, this puts a strain on your muscles also. A deep tissue massage with hot oil can provide relief from such pain and stiffness.

Couple massages are conducted by professional therapists who know all about the anatomy, including the amount of pressure to be applied at different areas of the body. Different methods of massage are applied according to your needs. There is nothing better than an intense massage to let go of all the stress of the day. Usually, muscles of the spinal column, hands, feet and legs are kneaded to release tension stored in the body.

In Eden massage Fayetteville NC, gifting couple massages is another hot trend. The recipients are sure to appreciate this thoughtful, well-meaning gesture. Couples can enjoy a relaxing massage on their first date, wedding anniversary or birthday. New mothers also appreciate the much-needed massage after the tiring experience of childbirth. Couple massages are great congratulations present for the new mom and dad.

Once you have made up your mind to go for a couples massage, look for a reputed clinic that has verified services and experienced staff to ensure a good session.

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