Can Massage Help You Lose Weight?

Obesity has risen steadily over the past two decades in the United States of America. Research shows that the US has the highest obesity rate among OECD countries. This is due to many reasons, including diet, inactive lifestyle, genetic tendencies, and stress. Since the pandemic broke out, stress and anxiety have only peaked among individuals adjusting to the new normal. Massage therapy can help relieve these symptoms and contribute toward better health.

How Can Massage Help You Get Fit?

Massage therapy can be a part of an extensive program to lose weight because it has numerous benefits for the body. Various specialized massages have multiple benefits, such as these explained below.

Increases Blood Circulation

Massage movements help blood and lymph circulate in the body. The tactical movements are explicitly designed to release muscle tension and facilitate blood flow. A sound circulatory system has numerous benefits like improved immunity and efficiently operating organs and systems like the digestive system. A well-functioning digestive system is necessary for weight loss and essential for cardiovascular health.

You may have noticed that you feel slightly hungry after a massage. That’s your blood circulation hitting your digestive system’s buttons. Massage positively affects the flow of blood in your system and causes improved metabolic functions.

Research shows that there is a direct link between metabolic functions and maintaining a healthy weight. People with good metabolism have better digestive systems and are less likely to suffer from obesity and weight gain. In contrast, people with slow metabolic rates struggle with weight loss and overall health.

Cellulite and Dimpling is Reduced

Cellulite is expected and found on different parts of the body, making them look slightly dimpled. It’s not only found in obese people, but people who struggle with weight loss have been more conscious about their skin’s appearance. Massage can help improve the skin’s appearance by causing it to look more uplifted as the blood and lymph flow gets regulated. It is not a cure for cellulite but can help in temporarily improving the skin’s condition.

Reduces Stress

Studies link massage therapy to stress release and show how a few minutes of massage can improve your mood and reduce signs of stress. Stress is linked to weight gain, and massage therapies can help you deal with stress management, facilitating weight loss.

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Regular massage can help you ward off stress and even deal with tiredness after sports and exercise. Eden Massage offers deep tissue massage to alleviate stress and help you cope with weight gain. We provide a variety of massage therapy services in Fayetteville, NC, including couples massage and Swedish massage. Schedule a session today!

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