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Sports Massage vs. Deep Tissue Massage: What's Best For You?

Posted on November 29, 2019 at 1:05 PM

You’ve been feeling achy for a while now, thanks to the long hours you put in at work. Add a few hectic sessions at the gym every week, and your body is starting to feel like it’s breaking apart at the seams!

Perhaps a good massage treatment is in order. But what kind do you get?

Would a classic sports massage work? Or is a deep tissue massage the best technique to soothe those knots in your back? But wait, aren’t the two the same?

To answer all your questions regarding deep tissue and sports massages, we asked our therapists to offer their two cents on what customers should know about each treatment.

Learning about Sports Massage

Primarily used for treating chronic and minor injuries, a sports massage is the best option to go with if you need passive and active stretching to realign and loosen your muscle tissues.

Tightness in the muscles can lead to a higher susceptibility to injuries. However, if your muscles (especially around the joints) are coaxed to relax, this improves your joint movement as well.

But keep in mind that the sports massage is intended to develop your muscle strength, so it doesn’t offer the same soothing sensation as Swedish or Shiatsu massage does.

And while a sports massage isn’t painful, it does get pretty uncomfortable when your therapist starts working on problem areas.

However, given the relief you feel afterward, the pain, more often than not, is worth it.

Learning about Deep Tissue Massage

This massage starts with gentle pressure, but it becomes more intense as the treatment progresses. Though uncomfortable for some, it is not supposed to be painful, so if it does become unbearable, you have to inform your therapist straightaway.

Applied using firm pressure to reach your body’s deep tissues and muscles, the treatment reduces stiffness and tension, and encourages the blood to flow properly so it can oxygenate certain areas faster, thus allowing for a speedy recovery. This therapy mostly focuses on knots and tightness for specific tissue muscles around your upper back and shoulder blades.

Depending on the level of pressure applied, the person may feel a little sore afterward, but this ache eases off after 2–3 days.

Which Option Should You Choose?

 It depends on the intensity and pressure you can bear and the area of treatment. If you have a specific area on your body that is more prone to injury, a sports massage will suffice. However, if you have recurring muscle problems or a one-time injury, a deep tissue massage will work well in treating it.

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