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How to Prepare For Your First Massage Therapy Session

Posted on November 30, 2019 at 1:30 PM


On your journey of self-care, you booked yourself a massage therapy session, excited beyond belief for the day your appointment would come.

But now that it’s finally near, you’re realizing you don’t know what to expect. Are you allowed to come in early? Will you need to remove your undergarments when you finally go under the towel? Will there be jingly-jangly music involved?

For all these questions and more, Eden Massage Therapy Services in Fayetteville, NC, has some answers and tips so you can be relaxed and happy during your first session!

Preparing for Your Massage Therapy Session--Here's What You Should Do

-Don't Eat Right Before

Give your stomach some time to relax. Go to the bathroom if need be before you go for your massage. And don't drink too much water. Otherwise, you'll need to get up during the session, and that'll just ruin the mood.

-Be Early

It's better if you're a bit early, rather than on time or late. You''ll be in a frenzied state last-minute, which will add to your anxiety more. Getting there early will let you relax and breathe.

-Be Comfortable About Your Clothing Practices

We never ask clients to remove all their clothing. It actually depends on how comfortable you are. If you want to be massaged in your birthday suit, it's up to you. If not, wear your undergarments or even a pair of shorts with a top. Your therapist will know how to work around it.

-Talk to Your Therapist About Your Needs

Whether you're allergic to any cosmetics, oils or lotions; want the massage therapist to play music or not; prefer them to stay quiet or talk; or if there's any discomfort you've felt that you want addressed-your therapist is there to make sure that you feel relaxed and happy. Theyll follow your instructions to the letter.

-Allow Your Mind to Relax

Often, people get so nervous about their first massage that they don't let their mind relax. And that just ruins the experience altogether.

Repeat to yourself: you’re in safe hands, hands that have been trained to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. So, take deep breaths and let your mind wander. Think happy thoughts or just focus on the sounds and sensations around you. Let yourself be in the moment.

Ready for a Massage?

Double-check your appointment for the best massage in Fayetteville, NC, with Eden Massage Therapy Services! And let us know if you have any specific demands regarding your massage. We’d be happy to accommodate you!

Sports Massage vs. Deep Tissue Massage: What's Best For You?

Posted on November 29, 2019 at 1:05 PM

You’ve been feeling achy for a while now, thanks to the long hours you put in at work. Add a few hectic sessions at the gym every week, and your body is starting to feel like it’s breaking apart at the seams!

Perhaps a good massage treatment is in order. But what kind do you get?

Would a classic sports massage work? Or is a deep tissue massage the best technique to soothe those knots in your back? But wait, aren’t the two the same?

To answer all your questions regarding deep tissue and sports massages, we asked our therapists to offer their two cents on what customers should know about each treatment.

Learning about Sports Massage

Primarily used for treating chronic and minor injuries, a sports massage is the best option to go with if you need passive and active stretching to realign and loosen your muscle tissues.

Tightness in the muscles can lead to a higher susceptibility to injuries. However, if your muscles (especially around the joints) are coaxed to relax, this improves your joint movement as well.

But keep in mind that the sports massage is intended to develop your muscle strength, so it doesn’t offer the same soothing sensation as Swedish or Shiatsu massage does.

And while a sports massage isn’t painful, it does get pretty uncomfortable when your therapist starts working on problem areas.

However, given the relief you feel afterward, the pain, more often than not, is worth it.

Learning about Deep Tissue Massage

This massage starts with gentle pressure, but it becomes more intense as the treatment progresses. Though uncomfortable for some, it is not supposed to be painful, so if it does become unbearable, you have to inform your therapist straightaway.

Applied using firm pressure to reach your body’s deep tissues and muscles, the treatment reduces stiffness and tension, and encourages the blood to flow properly so it can oxygenate certain areas faster, thus allowing for a speedy recovery. This therapy mostly focuses on knots and tightness for specific tissue muscles around your upper back and shoulder blades.

Depending on the level of pressure applied, the person may feel a little sore afterward, but this ache eases off after 2–3 days.

Which Option Should You Choose?

 It depends on the intensity and pressure you can bear and the area of treatment. If you have a specific area on your body that is more prone to injury, a sports massage will suffice. However, if you have recurring muscle problems or a one-time injury, a deep tissue massage will work well in treating it.

Book an Appointment at Eden Massage Therapy Services

Come to our establishment in Fayetteville, NC, and let us improve your muscle and body strength. For further information, contact us today at 910-229-3986!

Swedish Massage: What is it and Why Should You Get it Done?

Posted on November 9, 2019 at 12:10 AM

Everyone—whether layman, celebrity, or pro-athlete—has now begun to realize the various benefits of massage therapy. This newfound—although not new by any means—kind of therapy has caught fire particularly in the celebrity circles. Leading athletic figures such as Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson and Jim Carry have their own massage therapists whereas other A-listers have caught on too.

The general public, likewise, is not very far behind. Not only have we discovered the many medical and psychological benefits of massage therapy, but we have also discovered that it’s not limited to one form: there’s sports massage for athletes, there’s Thai and several forms of Pan-Asian massage, and then of course, there’s the most popular of all: Swedish massage.

But what exactly is it?

Its Ultimate Goal is Relaxation!

There’s a reason the Swedish massage springs to mind when first we think of massage: not because it’s so popular, but because the Swedish massage is designed for relaxation. Professional massage therapists use their deft hands and long, kneading movements to administer relaxation to all the stiff spots in your body. People come out of a Swedish massage feeling completely relaxed.

Active and passive movements of the joint are the key method therapists use for a Swedish massage. Therapists also focus highly on the muscles, exerting mild and firm pressure on the muscles, especially those that appear too tight and stiff. Through gliding, long strokes, the use of fingers, and rhythmic kneading, the massage therapist achieves their ultimate goal: helping the person relax completely.

What are the Benefits of Swedish Massage?

A combination of circular pressure, tapping, stretching, kneading and bending helps not only with relaxation but also with reducing stress. Cortisol levels decrease significantly, along with reduction in vasopressin reduction, which often leads to increase in cortisol and causes stress.

Additionally, people who receive Swedish massage observe significant improvement in their posture. They crouch less and find it easier to stand upright. There is, similarly, a remarked increase in flexibility and the range of motion.

Physiologically, Swedish massages are great at improving heart and respiratory health. Blood circulation increases rapidly, allowing more oxygen to assimilate in your bloodstream. Developed more than a century ago by Pehr Henrik Ling, the massage uses oils and a great many hand manipulations to help the person relax.

Its benefits are physical as well as psychological, from mood improvement to the flushing out of toxins and byproducts. If you’re interested in getting one in Fayetteville, head over to Eden Massage today, or contact us for more information.


Why Do You Need Pain Management Massages

Posted on November 8, 2019 at 3:40 PM

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has reported that a majority of US citizens are suffering from at least one painful condition. It claimed that the percentage of Americans afflicted with some pain condition is greater than the numbers of heart-, diabetes- and cancer patients combined.

Since pain is such a prevalent epidemic in the region, it’s important to seek ways to prevent it from aggravating or manage it better. Chronic or acute pain conditions can have a debilitating impact on your lifestyle. It demands you to tailor your current routine and future goals according to it, and that can make dealing with pain a real pain.

There’s no denying that we need pain management solutions. And massage therapy offers a promising relief from constant pain. Here’s why you need it.

Lower Back Pain

Research shows that massage therapy can prove greatly beneficial for lower back pain. Since it’s one of the most common ailments in the US, the American population is in dire need of a potent solution. Massages reduce the intensity of pain, help reduce disabling pain and manage the anxiety resulting from it.


Fibromyalgia can’t be treated with OTC medicines; patients need an integrative treatment plan to manage this condition. Massage therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment option for fibromyalgia. Since it can cause stiffness, severe pain, fatigue and take over your life, you need massage therapy to manage the pain that comes with the condition.

Post-op Pain

Post-op patients are usually in a very critical condition, where they need complete attention and care to recover fully. However, the pain resulting from surgery can prolong the time it takes to heal completely. Recent studies have revealed that pain management massage therapy can curb the intensity of post-op pain.

Stress Headaches

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke states that tension headaches are the most commonly occurring types of headaches. Pain management massages have also improved the condition of patients by reducing perceived pain as well as the duration and frequency of headaches.


Patients dealing with osteoarthritis of the knee have shown remarkable improvement after getting regular massage sessions. This confirms that pain management therapy can definitely reduce pain, which makes living with such conditions bearable. There’s also evidence for massage therapy helping patients experiencing rheumatoid arthritis as it assists in normal living with a disabling pain condition.

We offer massage therapy that can help with pain management. Our massage spa in Fayetteville, North Carolina, houses the most accomplished team of massage therapists. Book an appointment and come to us for a better recovery!

How Does Deep Tissue Massage Work

Posted on November 7, 2019 at 3:15 PM

You must have heard a lot about deep massage therapy without really knowing what all the fuss is about. Here’s a quick guide about what deep tissue massage is and does for your body!

What It Really Is

This massage technique caters to musculoskeletal issues that are unreachable otherwise. This includes strains and sports injuries that may have been sustained during matches or sports practice.

The procedure involves slow and sustained kneading of target areas by applying pressure through deep, steady strokes. This way, the therapist is able to reach the deepest layers of your muscles and connective tissues and eases our hidden tension from those regions.

This is particularly effective in treating scar tissues that form in the wake of a muscle injury. Thereby, deep tissue massages promote healing by reducing inflammation and enhancing the blood flow.

What Happens During It

Once the station is set, you’ll be asked to lie on your stomach or back and the therapist will begin with a slight warm-up. They’ll use a light touch to prepare your muscles for the deeper strokes. They’ll gradually increase their pressure while kneading the affected area, so as not to trigger pain in the injured area all of a sudden.

We feel it’s our duty to answer this frequently asked concern: the level of undress completely depends on your comfort level. However, the therapist will request access to the affected area in order to tackle the pain effectively.

You can also tell the massage therapist if you’d like more or less pressure!

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Unlike regular spa sessions, deep tissue massages offer much more than just an hour of massaging your temples or pressing your limbs. It targets internal injuries that may also be having an impact on your psychological wellbeing. Through this two-pronged approach, the massage technique is able to offer both, physical and psychological benefits.

This technique goes beyond just offering just relaxation. It targets deep-set muscle pain and relieves stiffness that may have resulted in the aftermath of muscle trauma. By paving the way to healthier living, it also helps you unwind mentally and seek peace and relaxation through a healthier body.

A study conducted in 2014 revealed the effects of deep tissue massage on 59 subjects with chronic back conditions. This treatment was reported to have lessened pain and worked like any other anti-inflammatory medicine.

Here are some other conditions that have shown improvement after deep tissue massage treatment:

If you’re ready to slide into your massage mood, we’re ready to offer our best to you!

We specialize in deep tissue massage therapy and have the best Asian Massage Therapists in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Book an appointment and come to our massage spa for the time of your life!

One Solution for Troubles of the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Posted on November 6, 2019 at 1:00 PM

While medicine does wonders for the body, it’s only half the solution.

For long-term benefits and prolonged effectiveness, there are other measures that need to be taken. From medical practitioners to wellness experts, all recommend regular body massages because it is helpful in conjunction with whatever medical course you’re on.

But that’s not all.

Although called body massage, it’s so much more than that; it benefits so much more than just your body. It helps you heal all the 3 major areas of wellbeing: the body, mind, and the spirit.

Don’t believe us?

It Helps Relieve Stress

Stress, anxiety, nervousness, etc. have all become major problems in the 21st century. With unemployment, inflation, bullying, crisis, political quarrelsomeness, warmongering, and all that’s amiss with the world, there’s no wonder that so many people in the world as so stressed out.

Something as small as not being able to nail a project or failing a test can bring great stress to you—and that’s detrimental to your health.

Nearly a third of the American population lives with stress. A body massage, by manipulating and providing relief to your pressure points and stressed-out muscles, ensures that whatever stress has spilled out into your body is lost.

It Relaxes Tight Knots

Body massages have a lot to do with anatomy. When you work continuously, you begin experiencing pain in your lower back, neck, etc. You feel as if your muscles are all knit tightly into a bundle.

Not only does this make movement so much more difficult, but also keeps you from doing much in your life. Additionally, you feel tired all the time, and are unable to retain physical fitness.

A body massage is a one-way ticket to getting rid of all these tight knots inside your body and to achieving ultimate physical relaxation.

It Makes You Much More Focused

Once your body is relaxed, you begin experiencing a change in your spirit likewise. There’s a deep, intricate connection between the body and the spirit, and relaxation on one end means you’re open to all possibilities now. You’re more confident in your skin and yourself, and you begin to believe that you’ll achieve whatever you’ve set out to achieve.

It’s Good for the Soul

All physically stimulating activities such as yoga, Pilates, massage, etc. have a direct impact on your transcendental wellbeing. Since massage is also a way of getting rid of toxins inside your body, you generally come out of the experience feeling much lighter and relaxed.

This helps you connect better with your inner self.

Your Choice of Massage in Fayetteville, NC

From couples massage to deep tissue and from Swedish to a sports massage, we at Eden Massage cover them all! Reach out to us today for the ultimate relaxing experience.


Eden Massage Therapy

Posted on September 14, 2019 at 4:05 PM

Welcome to our blog, we will be covering many topics and going over the types of massages in the future. Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish, Shiatsu and Couples just to name a few.  I look forward to posting more in the future.