7 Sports Injuries That Can Be Treated With a Massage

If you play sports or are into fitness and exercises, there’s always the risk of developing sports injuries. These injuries result in considerable discomfort and reduce your range of motion. The pain can last a significant time and can prevent you from being as active.
You’re more likely to develop a sports injury if don’t spend enough time warming up. Warm ups should consist of the right exercises that target the muscles involved while playing the particular sport. If you play a contact sport like football and basketball, you’re at a risk of getting injured.
Sports massages help relieve the symptoms and pain of certain sports injuries. A sports massage should be done after consulting your physician and as a supplement to your treatment plan.
Here are some sports injuries that can be treated with massage:

Sprained ankle



Sprained ankles are some of the most common injuries, whether you play sports or not. You can sprain your ankle while walking, running, and even standing sometimes. A sprained ankle occurs when you twist, turn, or roll your ankle. This causes the ligaments around the ankle tear, causing immense pain and swelling. Typically, a person with a sprained ankle cannot apply weight to the affected foot and there may also be some bruising.

The severity of a sprained ankle depends on how badly the ligaments are damaged. A minor sprain can be taken care of with OTC pain medications, however, as an athlete, it’s best to have a professional take a look. To ease the pain associated with a sprained ankle a sports massage can help. This massage improves blood circulation in the area.

Twisted knee


A twisted knee is also referred to as a knee sprain. The ligaments around the knee get damaged. There are a few types of knee sprains that occur in the major ligaments of the knee:

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL): The ACL  is located inside the knee joint and it sprains when you suddenly stop or change direction. ACL injuries can be quite severe and have led to many athletes having to take the bench.

Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL): The PCL and ACL works together to stabilize the knee. This ligament gets damaged when there’s impact to the front of the knee, like hitting your knee against something or falling to your knees. PCL injuries are very common amongst soccer, basketball, and football players.

Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL): The MCL provides support towards the inner side of the leg. Direct trauma to the area can cause damage. Such injuries typically occur in soccer, hockey, and football. A wrong move during skiing can also result in a sprained MCL.

Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL): The LCL supports the outer knee. Luckily, it’s the least likely ligament to be sprained, unless there’s been some trauma directly to the area. This part of the knee is usually protected by the opposite leg.

Sprained knee injuries require treatment and rehabilitation. A sports massage can help with pain and restoring your range of motion. It can also improve the stiffness felt after having your leg in a cast for many weeks.

A soccer player who has fallen down during the game.

Broken bones


Bone fractures are severe problems that require immediate medical care. Depending on the kind of fracture you have sustained, the treatment plan will be drawn up for you. After your treatment has been completed and your leg is out of the cast, it’s all about restoring your range of motion. The removal of a cast can result in discomfort and stiffness. Massage therapy relaxes the muscles in the area and helps with the range of motion. A massage from a professional also reduces muscle tension and edema in the area.

Muscle spasms


Muscle spasms refer to the sudden and involuntary movement of a muscle. They are also referred to as twitches and cramps. These spasms can occur anywhere in the body and they are quite common. They are a result of dehydration, stress, and even exercise.

Muscle spasms are more likely to occur to athletes that aren’t warming up correctly before training, or people exercising in hot conditions. Muscle pain and fatigue also cause muscles to spasm.

If you regularly have muscle spasms, a massage can really help with this issue. A massage gets rid of knots, muscle tension, and fatigue. It relaxes the body and helps you let go of the tension you carry in your muscles. Pay special attention to the area where the spasms occur most frequently.

Muscle tightness


Muscle tightness is more common among fitness enthusiasts, particularly those who focus on lifting heavy weights and have worked on their muscle tone. With bigger muscles, due to weight training, muscle tightness is more common. Muscle tightness reduces range of motion, unless you don’t make it a point to stretch out well after every workout session.

A sports massage or a deep tissue massage from a professional regularly can help with muscle tightness. This massage gets rid of knots deep in your muscles and relieves tension.

If you suffer from sore muscles after working out or after training, a massage can help you relax. Muscle soreness can last a couple of days and can impact your training. Have a sports massage to help with the pain so that you can achieve your full potential.

A person at the gym lifting heavy weights.

Repetitive strain injury


Golfer practicing his shot.

Repetitive strain injury occurs when you’re doing one particular movement far too many times. It’s common to develop repetitive strain injury with certain sports like golfing, tennis, and baseball. Golfers elbow is a painful condition that affects the elbow joint when you extend it, tennis elbow is also similar. Long distance runners also experience repetitive strain injury in their legs with all that running and training.

Scar tissue can build up in the area due to the injury. Having a massage can disperse that scar tissue and improve blood flow to the area. This massage might cause some discomfort, but once it’s done you will surely feel better!

Ruptured Achilles tendon


Runner in position for a race.

The Achilles tendon is a major tendon in the body. It extends from the bone in your heel to your calf muscle. It’s a springy band of tissue that you feel behind your ankle. The Achilles tendon allows you to point your toes and get onto your tiptoes.

When the Achilles tendon is injured, it feels like a stiffness or a burning sensation. The pain is more severe when the damage is more extensive. When this tendon is inflamed, it’s referred to as tendinitis. Runners, dancers, and gymnasts are more likely to develop this injury. Pressure massage is a useful treatment for this condition, in addition to physical therapy. The massage helps with blood flow, pain reduction, and inflammation in the area.

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