4 Ways Getting a Massage Can Help Reduce Back Pain

Statistics about back pain reveal the alarming reality that 8 out of 10 Americans experience back problems during their life. These numbers are only expected to continue being on the rise, especially for adults over the age of 65.

Surveys also find that more women are likely to suffer from lower back pain as compared to males. A study on the prevalence of chronic lower back pain also shows a steady rise along with higher levels of disability and impaired functionality in individuals. The condition also fairs higher chances of occurring in individuals who lead a predominantly sedentary lifestyle.

Approximately 54% of Americans who spend the entire day sitting, claim to suffer from lower back pain. This is because sitting for too long, in uncomfortable chairs or with bad posture can cause more significant strain on the lower back muscles. Pregnant women also complain of backaches more frequently, usually soon after the end of the first or second trimester.

The cause and effect of back pain

All around the world, back pain is one of the top reasons of causing disability and inhibiting people from carrying out daily activities. It can also cause lower productivity levels and is the prime reason that causes almost half of Americans to miss or be late for work. It’s also the third most common reason for visiting the doctor to seek treatment.

Some of the most probable causes of back pain according to the American Chiropractic Association are sprained ligaments and disk ruptures along with strained muscles and irritated joints in the neck and back. Sometimes sports injuries and accidents can also lead to a sudden and unexpected surge of pain, for example, bending over to pick something off the floor.

Other times there can be pre-existing conditions in the body such as arthritis, obesity, deteriorating mental health or kidney stones or infections, blood clots etc. which can cause back pain. However, it’s important to note that most instances of back pain are not caused by other medical conditions such as inflammation, arthritis, infection, etc. The leading causes of back pain are mechanical and non-organic, which means they require a more holistic approach to find a cure.

Why Massage therapy?

Massage therapy is a non-invasive treatment method that has potentially lower risks for people. Moreover, it has several physical and mental benefits, which prevents further injury and offers speedier recovery. The number of people looking for alternative treatment methods is increasing because people are in search of long-term benefits.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using massage therapy to reduce back pain effectively.   

Increased blood circulation

Massage therapy works with a series of techniques that aim at kneading and stroking the muscles which stimulate better blood circulation. Strained muscles are too sore and can become aggravated by the simplest of tasks such as bending and walking. Massage helps to promote healing in the affected areas and also improves the long-term vascular function for athletes as well as non-active individuals.

Releases stress and chronic tension in the muscles.

Muscles tend to tense up in the back due to an incorrect posture or sitting for prolonged periods without adequate back support. If you don’t stretch too often or take frequent breaks to walk and elongate the spine, the muscles can shorten over time and make you inflexible. Regular massage therapy can work on the problem areas to make them less stiff and help you resume daily functions before you can work on taking up exercises like yoga.

Increases endorphin levels

One of the many benefits and underrated aspects of massage is the human touch and its ability to release happy hormones like endorphins in the blood which are natural stress-busters. They help reduce the pain levels and alleviate symptoms of anxiety which provides mental ease and relief. 

Professional massage therapists can help assess the pain

One of the benefits of visiting a licensed and trained practitioner is that they can help figure out the root cause of the pain. With their training and experience, they can also recommend more long-term solutions that you can look into to relieve the pain. They also adjust the pressure to meet your needs and provide maximum comfort and factor in any previously sustained injury.

Types of massage

If you want to reap the maximum benefits of massage therapy, it’s important to discuss your needs with your massage therapist so they can recommend the best kind for you. There are many types of massage, but the three most common types of massage include:

  • Sports Massage: If you’ve recently resumed intense physical activity or are a professional athlete and need help restoring your muscles and provide pain relief, sports massage is perfect for you. Regular therapy can help you prevent future injuries as well by treating tense muscles.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: Slow and deep strokes in this massage focus on the structures of muscles and connective tissues and helps to ease tight muscles. The idea is to get in the deep muscles and fix postural issues so if you tend to have a sitting job, opt for this massage!
  • Swedish Massage: This is one of the most popular and relaxing massage therapies and aims to provide the ultimate pain-relieving experiences. It’s a combination of gentle pressure and manipulating the back muscles and using essential oils to create a sensory experience that enhanced well-being and promotes good health.

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