4 Types of Massages You Need to Know Now

All types of massages are unique and use different techniques to heal your body. Most massage practitioners focus on rubbing and kneading on the body through fingers, palm, elbow, and knees.

But which massage is suitable for your condition? Well, to figure out your options, here is a list of the most popular massages;

1. Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is among the most effective ones. While massaging, the practitioner uses their fingers to gently apply pressure to trigger points on the body. This technique is quite similar to acupressure.

However, the Shiatsu massage technique is beyond pressure points; it also includes breathing, stretching, etc. With this massage technique, your energy circulates throughout your body; as a result, you experience no swollen joints, headaches, and sleepless nights.

2. Swedish Massage

Like Shiatsu massage, Swedish massage is also quite well-known. Through this massage, your body experiences an increase in blood circulation, soft tissues, and of course, relieve tension both physically and mentally.

Swedish massage includes rubbing, kneading, stretching, bending, and vibration. However, the massage totally focuses on relaxing your joints and muscles without any deep tissue massage therapy.

3. Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage mainly focuses on the inner layer of muscles. Your deep tissue massage practitioner will apply pressure through a slow deep stroke. This technique’s main motive is to target the tissues of inhabiting bones, nerves, muscles, and organs.

Hence, people suffering from injury or chronic pains should consider deep tissue massage. It will be worth your investment.

4. Couples Massage

Couple massage is one you can enjoy with your friend, partner, or any close family member in the same room. It could be any massage like deep tissue, Shiatsu, or Swedish. The idea behind this massage is to relax and enjoy side-by-side with your partner. Hence, this massage is perfect for people who wish to improve their relationships and try out different activities together.

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Final Takeaway

While looking for a massage therapist, make sure you check for all the available options. Those who have medical conditions should consult their physiotherapist or visit an expert.

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