3 Tips for Combating the Effects of Stress on Your Health

Everyone experiences some form of stress in their lives and unfortunately, it’s one of those conditions which has become normalized in our daily lives. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming that it might feel like there is no escape or you might find it hard to find a way to deal with it effectively. A study revealed that around 57% of the participants felt that stress from their everyday life had a paralyzing effect on their bodies.

If you don’t tend to it in due time, stress can not only take over your mind, but it can start impacting your physical health as well. Here are some useful tips to help you make sure stress doesn’t affect your physical health negatively.

Some of the common physical responses to chronic stress are headaches, deteriorated mental health, irregular sleep, nausea, weight gain, acne, muscle tension, elevated heart rate and blood pressure and more.

Identify what triggers stress

Learn to listen to your body and the way it responds and reacts. Many times, we dismiss aches in parts of our body or are quick to take meds to relieve headaches, etc. However, while this provides us temporary relief, for a long-term solution, you should learn to tune into your body to find out the root cause of your body going into fight or flight mode.

Meditate regularly to breathe deeply

One of the ways you can be mindful of what causes you stress, is to practice deep breathing and meditation early in the morning or before going to bed. These exercises help you regulate your body’s stress management responses and help you sleep better at night.

The more rested your body is, the better it will be able to handle and respond to stress as well. You can also try incorporating more yoga workouts in your everyday routine as these help you build muscle strength and practice deep breathing as well.

Get regular massage therapy

Chronic stress naturally leads to chronic pain and development of various diseases like heart disease and obesity. It can also strain your muscles, making it difficult to move easily and freely. Massage therapy is effective in helping fight the symptoms of stress by improving your blood circulation, flexibility, and stimulating hormones that relax your mind, body and spirit.

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