3 Natural Ways to Improve Your Sleeping Pattern

The number of people who struggle to get adequate sleep and live with insomnia in the United States rises every year. Statistics show that 1 in 4 Americans develop this condition every year, whereas 30% adults live with symptoms of insomnia. A relatively smaller portion of the population (10%) is bound to have chronic insomnia.

A lack of healthy deep REM sleep can lead to a significantly reduced quality of life. Research shows that insufficient or irregular sleep can have a negative, long-term impact on your mental health and increase the risk of developing chronic health problems such as heart disease, and obesity.

Moreover, it can affect your ability to think, the regulation of your emotions, and also your ability to learn new things or keep up social interactions. If you’re struggling with decreased levels of productivity at work, it might be time to try to improve your sleep hygiene.

Need some help? Try out some of these tips, approved by the Sleep Foundation, to improve your sleeping pattern.

Get in some much-needed exercise

One of the several benefits of regular exercise, whether it’s vigorous or even light, is that it regulates your hormones. It also helps to tire you out enough to make you tired enough to sleep at a fixed time every day.

Avoid working out right before you sleep, as this can end up energizing you instead. You can opt for light yoga and meditation instead to help you go to sleep on days you don’t get to work out during the day.

Upgrade the quality of your mattress

Sometimes it’s not so much our bodies that are unable to go into rest mode, but the mattress we might be sleeping on. Does it offer you enough support and comfortable enough to relax your muscles?

A lot of people don’t know this but a mattress’s life expectancy is less than 9–10 years. You can also make other changes to your room such as more favorable lighting to help set the mood for shut-eye.

Reduce stress in your life

Sometimes when we don’t deal with everyday stress, it can start to build up and interfere with the body’s ability to relax. Constantly being under stress can trigger fight or flight responses in the body which causes it to stay extra alert through the night.

What are some things you do to wind down after work or at night that help your body soothe and relax? Maybe reading a book, lighting some scented candles, soaking in a warm bath or even getting a deep-tissue massage during the day can give your body the sensory experience to calm itself.

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