13 Reasons Why You Need a Massage Treatment

A full body massage—low lighting, soft music, and a feeling of peace—is pure bliss. However, most people don’t know that their bodies are going into an active mood while getting relaxation through massage. Massage therapy stimulates your nervous system, wakes up organs and muscles, and moves lymph fluid to produce chemical hormones.

In today’s world, we’re occupied both mentally and physically due to the hectic routine of our lives. Moreover, the effects of a busy life are more visible in the form of our health issues. In the US, the most common form of health issue is headaches. However, according to research, chronic headache and muscle tension can be reduced through massage therapy.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, subsequent lockdowns made things worse. People were confined to their homes; they suffered from anxiety and depression due to less physical activity. In such challenging times, massage therapy can be a comforting touch to relieve stress and nurture individuals in a safe place both emotionally and physically.

Here are some other benefits of massage therapy that may convince you to consult a professional massage therapist:

1. Decreases anxiety

Massage therapy helps decrease anxiety and helps the body relax. Moreover, it helps in letting go of anxious thoughts and manage to fight anxiety. According to research, massage therapy can help start an anti-pain mechanism in the body, increasing the body’s efficiency by 28%. The change in efficiency happens due to the decrease in cortisol and increase in serotonin.

2. Boosts Immunity

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, the immune system becomes stronger due to massage treatments. The therapy helps fight viruses, increasing active white blood cells.

3. Increases Energy

Massage therapy helps increase energy levels and relax overworked muscles. It also helps relieve and ease pain and improves sleep. Massage treatment is an excellent option for conventional health care. Massage treatment can make you look and feel at the top of your game, increasing productivity in everyday life.

4. Relieves stress

Each day, there comes a wave of stress that we don’t know how to deal with. Massage treatment can help you deal with daily stressors. Massage therapy can be your go-to option to save yourself from tension and stress. It helps reduce the stress hormones and increase dopamine levels.

Massage therapy

5. Lowers Blood Pressure

Massage therapy can help lower high blood pressure. The treatments are minimal and efficient to make you feel relaxed. According to research, massage treatment can decrease diastolic and systolic blood pressure. The most beneficial massage for blood pressure is Swedish Massage, preventing strokes and heart diseases.

6. Releases Chronic Pain

Massages don’t just offer relief from stress or tension. They can also help manage chronic pain caused by arthritis, fatigue, inflammation, etc. Chronic pain is usually hard to deal with and even harder to live with. A trained massage therapist can target the area and treat it to enhance blood flow and alleviate muscle pain.

7. Helps in Digestion

Digestion issues are the most common health issues people that deal with in their daily life. But specific massage techniques can help in preventing peristalsis—contraction of intestinal muscles and other abdominal problems.

Abdominal massages can help get rid of your stomach pain. It helps in detangle knots in tensed muscles and can also eliminate toxins that prevent healthy digestion.

8. Helps Recover From Injury

Ever wondered why every professional sports team has a massage therapist? Because massage therapy plays an essential role in recovery from an injury. Remedial massages can help release the tightness in muscles and help increase blood flow.

9. Improves Sleep Quality

Are you not sleeping well lately? Or suffering from insomnia? Effective massage therapy can help. According to research, massage therapy positively affects the quality of sleep. It can also be beneficial for other sleep concerns such as post-menopause insomnia, chronic pain, and more.

10. Helps Maintain Good Posture

Today’s sedentary lifestyle increases the load on our lower back. Also, as we push our chin and head forward to look at the computer screen, it can give way to cervical pain and muscle weakness.

Apart from you trying to make healthy changes in your work life, it’s important to take massage treatments regularly. The therapy reverses the adverse effects on your posture in the office and stretches out the muscles.

11. Increases Your Range of Motion

Massage therapy is considered a beneficial treatment to improve the flexibility and motion of the body. Regular working on tissues, ligaments, and joints increases joints’ fluidity, making them less injury-prone.

12. Helps Recover from Strenuous Workout

Recovering from a strenuous workout takes a lot of time. However, a full body massage is an efficient way to recover quickly from one. It’s believed that a massage can help enhance muscle recovery and reduce the effects of intense exercise.

13. Provides Relaxation

People dream about mental and physical relaxation nowadays. According to the American Institute of Stress, almost 77 percent of Americans experience stress and tension, affecting their psychological and physical health. So, the need to have a relaxing time is at its peak. Massage therapies can help you get some time to relax and enjoy a moment of relief.

A person receiving massage therapy

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage treatment or therapy comes in handy when dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression. These conditions can drastically affect the health of a person. Massage treatments create a calming atmosphere, and by practical application of the massage techniques, it alleviates the symptoms and causes of pain and anxiety.

Additionally, massage therapy can also help improve the overall wellness of a person.

What Can You Expect During A Massage?

There’s not much you need before going for a massage therapy session. Your therapist might ask about your medical history and what you expect from the massage, but that’s usually about it.

In a typical massage session, you undress and wear loose clothing only to the point you’re comfortable. After that, depending on the preference, your masseuse can perform a massage with oil or lotion.

Take Care Of Yourself Because Now You Can!

Many of us are great at taking care of other people. But when it comes to ourselves, we’re not attentive to our physical, emotional, or mental health. Massage can offer a single solution to all of these aspects of our life. It’s an outlet for self-care to ensure your body feels.

Get Professional Massage Therapy at Eden Massage in Fayetteville, NC

We at Eden Massage believe in taking care of everybody’s mental and physical health. Massage therapy is beneficial to make the bodywork more harmonious and smooth. It serves as a wonderful treatment for various ailments, making the effects of treatment long-lasting.

So always know, whatever your condition is, a licensed therapist can always help.

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